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When we operated Quilters Connection, our quilt shop in Dallas, all our ladies owned and sewed on Singer Featherweights, as did many of our customers. In 2007 David began repairing and refurbishing our machines. This work quickly spread to repairing customer machines, and refurbishing machines for sale in our shop. This lead to our online parts business, and in-person
classes and workshops, which we continue to offer here in Washington.

When Singer designed and built this first commercially successful portable sewing machine they got it right. Prized by quilters for their timeless and classic beauty, durability, light weight, and beautiful stitching, these machines are often seen at quilting retreats, guild events, and at sit-n-sews in our shop. Collectors love them because there are many different variations, badges, and finishes, making them an interesting and valuable collectible. It seems that everyone wants one and is interested in learning about them!

David does presentations for Quilt Guilds and groups in Washington state. Presentations can be tailored to the particular audience and include:

  • Historical Information - The Featherweight and Its Predecessors
  • Models and Variations
  • Buying a Machine
  • Dating your Machine
  • Setup and Use of the Featherweight
  • General Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and Solving Particular Machine Problems

Call us today to discuss and schedule your in-person or online presentation for your group.