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221 Featherweight School Bell Bobbin Winder Tension

This is the early bobbin winder tension from the 1933 to early 1935 Singer 221 Featherweights. It is referred to by collectors as the "school bell" tension unit because it resembles an old-time school bell.

The design and location of these original bobbin winder tensions interfered with the use of the machine in the Singer folding tables. The user had to lift the machine out of the table to pass the thread thru the tension and wind a bobbin. So in mid-1935 Singer changed to a transitional flat bracket that mounted on the front but moved the tension disks to the top of the bed so it could be used while the machine was still in the folding table. Some of the earlier machines were converted to this transitional bracket until Singer changed the base casting in early 1936 and moved the tension mount to the top of the bed.

This is a new reproduction of that hard-to-find bracket and school bell. It uses an original Singer bell and a new laser-cut, hand polished stainless steel bracket.This is perfect for restoring your early machine back to the original school bell configuration, or dressing up your late 1935 to wear the shiny school bell!

DOES NOT include the chrome mounting screw.

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