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Screwdriver, Motor Pulley & other set screws

Many of the screws on vintage sewing machines are really tight after all these years. Having a good quality screwdriver that properly fits the slot on sewing machine screws is important to prevent damage to the screws and to the machine.

This excellent screwdriver has a precision tip that prevent "cam-out" in the slot. The heat-treated shaft provides some torque "wind-up" which helps pop stubborn screws loose with a satisfying snap.

The rubberized grip is the perfect size to allow for a tight hold and the application of plenty of torque to loosen stubborn screws.

This screwdriver tip will fit the Featherweight motor pulley set screws, top thread tension stud set screw, take-up spring stop screw, Feed dog attachment screws, and other screws on the Singer 221/222, 301, and most other vintage Singers and other brand sewing machines. The extra shaft length allows you to remove the needle plate screws on most machines.

Once you try this screwdriver you won't want to use anything else!