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Foot Controller, Original Singer

The original Singer foot controller is familiar to anyone with a vintage Singer. With the stationary raised foot rest "button", and then the button to push to make the machine run, they were definitely an interesting design. Folks seem to either love them or hate them, and many sew barefoot to make them comfortable.

These are a carbon disk resistance foot controller and are designed to convert excess voltage to heat. So when sewing slowly for long periods, the foot controller heats up as it is supposed to. If they get out of adjustment they can cause speed control problems and/or overheat.

Our Singer foot controllers are inspected, cleaned, and adjusted for the proper range of speed. If you need a new controller and are looking to keep your vintage machine vintage, these are an excellent choice.

Available with no cord set, or a variety of different cord arrangements to fit most vintage Singers.

BE SURE to use the Pull-Down menu to select the cord set option you want.

For a modern, ergonomic, electronic replacement, see our Electronic Foot Controllers.

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