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Electronic Foot Controller

It seems that vintage Singer machine enthusiasts either love or hate their original "button" type foot controller. Besides being awkward and uncomfortable to use, the carbon disk resistance system inside them which provides the speed control by design gets hot with use, and is prone to breakage and mis-adjustment. When plugged in there is always power going to to the foot controller since there is no off switch (except for just the light) on the vintage Singers. This can make for a dangerous situation.

This modern replacement foot controller is much more comfortable and offers better speed control than the Singer button type controller. The modern solid-state design offers better ergonomics, lighter weight, better speed control, and is safer.

The 3-prong connector fits the 221/222, 301, and most vintage Singers with the 3-prong connector on the machine.

BE SURE to use the pull-down menu to select one of the following:

Foot Controller only, no cord set (so you can use your existing wires or rewire it yourself)
*With aftermarket 3-prong molded rubber plug cord set (wires come out sides of plug horizontally)
*With delux 3-prong cord set with original Singer Bakelite connector, OEM wall plug, and extra-length cords
*With 2-prong plug for Singer 301 (for cabinet mounted machines with separate 2-prong socket) and 401, 403, & 404
*With 4-prong plug for Singer 500A & 503A

*Comes complete with wires installed.

Note: If you would like this controller supplied with some other cord set we will be glad to make that up for you. Just contact us by email and we will get you what you want.