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Student's Manual of Machine Sewing - Singer

This 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" booklet is subtitled "A Manual of Family Sewing Machines and Their Attachments". Published as Form 1689 -Revise September 1935, it covers the care and operation of the family sewing machines offered by Singer at that time. It has diagrams that illustrates and defines all the parts and controls of the machines, and discusses all their features. From setting the needle, to winding a bobbin to sewing with the machine, it takes the user through all they need to know to use Singer's machines!

The book has sections on adjustments, cleaning and lubrication, and extensive troubleshooting information.

This book is a handy reference even for those enthusiasts familiar with Singer's vintage machines, as it contains threading instructions for the 27 type vibrating shuttle, Model 66, 15-91, and 101. It also shows pictures of and discusses the 221 Featherweight and even the 24-80 chain stitch machine! There are even 4 pages with 9 illustrations of the Singer cabinets available at that time.

It is a very interesting read and a great addition to your Singer library.