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Singer 221 Adjusters Manual

Singer printed a service manual for most of their machine models, with specific instructions on how to service and adjust that particular machine. For the 221 Featherweight Singer printed both a Service Manual and the Adjusters Manual. The Service Manual is more about removal and replacement of components and systems on the machine. The Adjusters Manual is designed to be all the information needed to service and adjust all the systems on a Featherweight.

The manual is indexed by machine system so you can quickly find the section you need.

This reprint of the original Singer Adjusters Manual is approximately 5-1/2" x 8-1/4", and is printed on nice heavy glossy paper stock, with a heavy weight cover. The paper is bright white and the printing and illustrations are easy to ready with great contrast. Our manual is not printed to look like a purposely-aged copy like some others. It looks like a brand new original manual that you will be proud to own.

A must-have for those who like or need to service and adjust their own machines!