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Singer Featherweight Condition Scale
10  Just like the day it left the factory. Not a scratch or mark upon it.
9    As 10 but with the small, odd scratch or wear mark evident to very close inspection.
8    Very good used condition. All paint good; all metalwork bright.
7    Good condition but rubbing of paint evident and/or some nickel plating worn.
6    As in 7 but more wear to paint and/or some light surface rust to the bright work.
5    The average, hard-used, ill-cared-for machine looking for someone to love it.
4    Poor condition, chipped enamel, rusty metalwork but acceptable for a collection if a rare machine.
3    In need of restoration but a reasonable job for a dedicated enthusiast.
2    Total restoration needed to paintwork and bright metal. It's a brave collector that takes it on.
1    Spare parts only and these would be in need of extensive restoration

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